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So, if your parents won’t offer you peaceful holidays, you can feel adopted by these nice mothers who wrote sweet letters on

Visualization of the Global Acceptance of Homosexuality

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A visualization of the global acceptance of homosexuality.


New gay film: THE GAYS (2014)

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The Gays – Official Movie Trailer

I would like to announce the release of a feature film I just finished producing.

The film is New York City-based T.S. Slaughter’s new gay-themed dark comedy, “The Gays” (USA, 2014, 73 minutes). “The Gays” is T.S.’s second feature film, following his campy horror comedy, Skull & Bones (Ariztical Entertainment, 2009).

The tagline of “The Gays” — “The family that gays together, stays together” — sums up Slaughter’s satirical take on television sitcoms and cartoons of past decades based on American nuclear families ranging from the normal to the bizarre. Some other key features of the film:

“The Gays” is twisted, irreverent, and raunchy, appealing at once to gay men ages 18-80, young urban hipsters, and fans of edgy indie cinema generally.
The film’s outlandish Christmas scene positions “The Gays” to become cult classic viewing – and an unusual gift – for the winter holidays.

All the music in the film is performed by the filmmakers and their associates——and some of it is brand new. In fact, the theme song was composed specifically for “The Gays.”
Lead actors Chris Tanner (Bob Gay-Paris) and Frank Holliday (Rod Gay) have both been well-known visual artists in New York City since the 70s; moreover, back then they were actually boyfriends – 30 years before reuniting to portray a married couple in “The Gays.”

Both Chris Tanner and Eugene the Poogene (He-Suk) are regularly featured performers at New York City’s LaMama Experimental Theater Company.
Adding a unique multicultural twist to the crew, Editor Jeanne Dielman is a black female of Jamaican and Ugandan descent.
To learn more about the film and watch the trailer, please visit our website:

Paul Serrano
Producer, THE GAYS