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4 thoughts on “Lady Gaga about the meaning of her new Single “G. U. Y.”

  1. Sometimes I like NOT having any power and not having to decide anything or even think about myself. Sometimes I like just being thrown down and fucked and used up and not considering the political aspects of who is fucking me or why. Sometimes I get sick of Gagster laying her disco twink trip on everyone. Sometimes I just wanna get my ass and throat slammed really well by some guy or guys who don’t give a shit about who I am or what I want. Maybe that ugly little Gaggerina ought to fill her tedious trap sometime. Not everyone in the world is a stupid twink seeking mommy attention.

  2. Gagger isn’t a bottom or anything else, powered or unpowered. She’s a cipher, a cheap drum machine meme trying to cling to the few remaining mommy’s basement faggots pathetic enough to still dance to her shitty noise. Go back to AJ Ford pussy land and leave the cock to the cock, you fuckless old bore. We don’t need your condescending bullshit. We’ve always assfucked and sucked cock just fine, long before you came along to milk your “gay audience.” Go home and watch your “gay” porn, dirty little hag.

  3. What a cliche-riding old whore. “Power Bottom” is just moron twink-speak for Cowgirl. Riding the Pole. Big fucking deal. What desperate media-derived bullshit. You’re no Germaine Greer, Gagster. And no, GG is not one of those half-baked pseudo-designer in your entourage whose name you never knew.

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